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Impacting our world globally and locally requires giving of our time and resources. Because of natural limitations God has placed on our time and life purpose, we choose to invest in other people who are reaching across the globe in areas that we cannot. These are some of the people who are impacting the world around us that we support financially and through prayer. Please feel free to check out their websites and get to know them.


Kyle and Laura Ashcroft – Website

Clark and Beth Barnard – Website

Doug and Pat Blue – Website

Scott and Katie Colson – Website

Mark and Janie Durene – Website

Steven and Kathy Harris – Website

Victor and Janet Hedman – Website

Steve and Amanda Hinson – Website

Mark and Anjali Jones – Website

Chris and Jordan Joseph – Website & Support Site

Randy and Linda Lindsey – Website

Doug and Corrine Lowenberg – Website

Nicholas and Jessica Lusk- Website & Support Site

Severin and Kristina Lwali – Website & Support Site

Dareth and Thida Ly – Website

Michael & Debra McCabe – Website

Robert McKay – Website

David and Kandi Millsaps – Website

David and Carolyn Nelson

Dwight Palmquist – Website

Charles and Tahnya Porter – Website

Nicholas and Olivia Puccini – Website

Phil & Denise Reed – Website

Steve and Kim Salowitz – Website

David and Carol Schmidt – Website

Mike and Mona Shields – Website

David and Fran Wakefield – Website

Phil and Katja Zarns – Website