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TH LighthouseLocal Impact represents our faith community‚Äôs commitment to impacting our neighbors and our community around us in order to draw people into relationship with Jesus. Our unique vision seeks to develop and partner with local ministries that meet people’s practical and spiritual needs. We also look for opportunities to get involved with our community through local events.

Currently, we run Elijah’s Pantry and partner with Neighbor to Neighbor Thrift Store to help meet people’s physical needs. We started Elijah’s Pantry to provide food support for people in need locally and now other churches partner with us. Together with multiple local churches, we impact families across our community through Neighbor to Neighbor Thrift Store, which is a local thrift store. We embrace these opportunities to build relationships with people and share God’s love with them.

We also value providing opportunities for residents of local nursing homes and assisted living facilites to worship God. Just because they cannot attend a church doesn’t mean they have to give up spiritual community. Regularly, small groups of residents gather together at various facilites across Two harbors to sing songs and study the Bible.

Our main weekly service is also broadcast locally on our cable access channel, Channel 13. Sermon audio is available for download on our website on our Audio Recordings page.

Our mission to reach our community represents an important emphasis of our global mission. We believe that God wants us to impact people’s lives with His love everywhere, but He intentionally placed us near our neighbors and in our local community. Our mission starts locally and extends globally.

Check out our Events page for times and locations of local ministries.