The Journey

The Journey is another relevant, larger community gathering of people pursuing God through worship and speaking. While similar to our Sunday Worship Gathering, the Journey explores God’s perspective on present-day issues from a biblical foundation.

We are the same community desiring to learn about Jesus and experience him together. We love connecting with other people and living life together with other unique individuals desiring to explore and grow in their faith. The Journey provides an opportunity to explore how God teaches people to navigate modern issues.

We are an open community and gladly welcome any person from any background. We value giving people the opportunity to learn who God is and how he relates to their lives. We would love to connect with you!

The Journey meets together weekly on Saturday evenings. Check the Events page for details on the location and times. The event will be named The Journey to make it easy to find. You will also find information about any other events happening with Living Waters Fellowship on there as well. Thanks!