Our Mid-Week Gathering is a larger community gathering focused on studying the Bible and praying together. We believe that prayer is communicating with God. Whether by talking or listening, we engage God and learn from Him. Talking individually or together with God releases His power to transform our lives and change the physical and spiritual world around us. Listening to God allows us to hear Him encouraging us, giving us wisdom and revealing himself to us.

Our Mid-Week Gathering usually begins with an opportunity to hear what the Bible says about some of the pressing concerns in our world. After that, we ask for prayer requests from people present. Prayer requests are simple things that people need God to do in their own lives or a friends life or something they want to pray about. Then we take time together to ask God to meet people’s needs and to change the circumstances of the concerns on our hearts. We also allow God to speak to us.

Everyone is welcome and we encourage you to take time and join with us in prayer. Check the Events page for details on the location and times. The event will be named Mid-Week Gathering to make it easy to find. You will also find information about other events happening at Living Waters Fellowship on there as well. If you have anything you would like us to pray for or about, please send us an email through our Contact page and put “Prayer Request” in the subject line. Thanks!